15 Photos that will inspire you to visit the Lavender Fields

Oh, France, you have a piece of our hearts forever. Ahhh, and the beautiful Provence with its charming little villages with cobblestone streets and beautiful flowers and dreamy lavender fields over rolling hills are a must-see experience in everyone’s life.

You must have seen all those whimsical purple photos of lavender heaven and dreamed to see it in person, at least we did. Well, the truth is that they are even more beautiful in real life.  We can all agree that the Provence in France is probably the most popular place to see them and there are lots of regions to choose from.

We personally fell in love with the lavishing purple fields of the Plateau de Valensole, and we want to inspire you to visit this magical land.


Quick tips for the lavender fields in the Provence.

  1. When is the best time to visit the lavender fields? Different fields and areas have different blooming periods, but generally speaking from mid-late June until early-mid August. Keep in mind that harvesting starts early or mid-August. With that being said we were there on June 17-18th and the odds for them to be blooming were very low. Lucky for us, there were plenty of fields beautifully blooming and it was unreal.
  2. Avoid peak season which is the second two weeks of July. We suggest to go the first two weeks of July and even the last week of June, but it all depends on the weather that year.
  3. Driving is the best way to see the most. You can take bus tours but we highly recommend doing it on your own time and schedule. That way, you can pick where to stop and choose what to see.
  4. The best time for photos. With no doubt early morning and just before and at sunset.
  5. Watch out for bees. Be mindful of the happy bees who are also enjoying the fields.



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